Rumor: Spyro Trilogy Remaster releasing this year

Kotaku UK has reported that the Spyro the Dragon the Dragon trilogy is being remastered, and it will be released this year. They get very specific and say that it will be announced in May, and will be releasing in quarter 3. Similarly to the Crash Bandicoot remaster, Spyro will have a 1 year exclusivity deal on the PS4 and find its way to other systems later. It looks like it is being done by Vicarious Visions, the same people responsible for the Crash remaster.


I am very excited, but honestly not surprised as it was one of my predictions for 2018. Spyro is very special to me as I played the HELL out of the demo on the PS1. Yea, I never actually owned it but I did LOVE that demo. I am looking forward to playing through the trilogy because Vicarious Visions did an amazing job on the Crash remaster. Now, where is that Metal Gear Solid Remaster…

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