Nintendo Switch Online Service to Launch in September

Kotaku is reporting that the Nintendo Switch Online service is going to launch this September. It was originally supposed to launch in 2017, but it was delayed to an unannounced date in 2018. The service will be $20 a year, and will give players access to classic Nintendo games.

Our Take

It sucks that this was delayed so far into 2018, but at least the service is still currently free. Nintendo really needs to release some more online games for this to be worth it, because in September Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Kart, and Pokken will all be over a year old. Both Tommy and I predicted that a Super Smash WiiU port is coming, and there is no other game to help kick off the paid online service better than Smash. We are both looking forward to this because Nintendo is having a stellar year, and this could really set them up for even more success.

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