Episode 59 – Remembering Reggie

Hey All,

We had an audio issue this week so I had to use the backup recording. I apologize for any issues with the quality.

Intro – What cha been up to?

Tommy – Is too lazy to fill this out

Rick – Resident Evil 2, Tetris 99, Apex Legends, 999

Rob- T99, Crackdown 3, Anthem

So, what’s out this week? – Treat yo self

  1. Yakuza Kiwami (PC) – February 19
  2. Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – February 22


  1. New PSVR Controller Patent
  2. Apex Legends Survival mode and New Legends
  3. Witcher 3 for Switch?
  4. Scalebound for Switch?
  5. Xbox Gamepass on Switch, Ori and Lucky Tale first, larger games ran through X-Cloud

Literally The Worst
Amiibo Exclusivity

Topic of the Show

Remembering Reggie

This Month in Gaming History

Sorry, I forgot…

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