Episode 4 – Gaming as an Adult

Welcome to episode 4 of DPad Experience! GOD DAMMIT WE GOT MICS! Like, REAL mics! And we sound AMAZING! Well, we sound good… But for real, we invested in real mics, and we sound a lot better.

We love what we are creating, and we are trying our best to improve on all aspects each week. We are starting to feel more comfortable, learn new tricks, and it’s getting easier to edit the episodes. This week we talk about ALL the Nintendo news, Tommy rants about toxic fan bases, we put together the top 5 SNES games for new gamers (it’s a heated debate), and we have a discussion on what it means to game as an adult.

I also surprise Tommy with back of the box trivia for some of his favorite games… but did he get them right…


00:15 Intro/Wha Cha Playin’?

Monster Hunter World (PS4), Darkest Dungeon (Switch), Final Fantasy Dissidia NT (PS4)

03:55 So, what’s out this week?

  1. Final Fantasy Dissidia NT PS4
  2. Railway Empire XB, PS4
  3. Night in the Woods Switch
  4. UFC 3 PS4 XB1

08:23 News of the week

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 “Delayed” until 10/16
  2. Switch (14.6 million) has finally outsold the WiiU (13.5 million) in less than a year. 7.23 million in last quarter. Fastest selling home console in US history
  3. Nintendo Switch online service to launch in September for $20/yr
  4. Mario animated movie
  5. Mario Kart Mobile gaming coming by March 2019
  6. Data mining reveals DBZ and Sea of Thieves possible DLC. Dragon Ball FighterZ data mining finds avatars for Vegito, Cooler, Ranger 17, Bardock, Broly and Fused Zamasu
  7. Final Fantasy XV Pocket gets a Feb 9 release date
  8. EA confirms new BF game for this year and Respawns Star Wars game for 2020
  9. Rumor: Microsoft considered buying EA, Valve, or PubG Corp
  10. Nintendo says 3DS isn’t dead yet (god dammit)

23:52 Literally The Worst

Toxic Fanbases

27:23 Link to the Past


44:13 Memory Card

Final Fantasy IV & Extreme Sports Games

47:22 Topic of the Show
How to Game as an Adult

57:17 NPC Chat (Reader mail)

We have fan interaction!!!

1:00:53 Back of the Box Trivia

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  1. Nina says:

    Ending of this episode was really funny! Tommy is a disgrace.

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