2018 Video Game Predictions

What’s more fun than predictions! Here you will find both mine, and Tommy’s gaming predictions for 2018. Some of these are long shots, some of these seem like guarantees, but gamers will benefit if any of these come to fruition. We’re looking at you Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo!!! Don’t disappoint us this year!!! If you would to hear us talk about these predictions in detail, please check out episode 2 of DPad Experience podcast.

Tommy’s Predictions

10. Metroid Prime 2018 holiday release
9. Cuphead 2 announced
8. Gameboy Classic announced and released
7. Dragon quest XI holiday 2018
6. Persona (any) on Switch
5. Nintendo’s online service/VC GameCube
4. GTA (port?) Switch after 64gb
3. Wii U ports: NSMB, Pikmin, Star Fox
2. Smash For Switch port of Wii U
1. Animal crossing Switch

1. Psn name change this year
2. Elder Scrolls VI announced at E3 and released this year
3. N64 Classic announced and released this year
4. Animal Crossing June released
5. Spyro trilogy announced and released
6. Mario Odyssey Paid DLC – Hyrule Kingdom
7. Halo 6 announced
8. Smash Deluxe released this year and announced in the next direct
9. Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch announced and released
10.Bloodborne 2 announced

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